kim miller

Unflinching truth permeates Kim Miller’s siren vocals and meticulously crafted lyrics about people, places, politics, environment and, of course, love. 

Ten years since the release of her critically acclaimed album, “Risk of the Roar”, world-wide fans know Miller’s records are worth-the-wait.

Look for “The Pleasure of My Yearning” in 2018, and much more news to come.

From "Guillermo"

All that separates us

Is fate and circumstance

If our fortunes were reversed, Guillermo

We would take the chance

To see our children clothed and fed

And educated

No wall too big or wide

Our dreams the same, translated

Oh there are no borders

In the heart of human-kind

Even if some think it so

They’re scared

More than blind

We are not so different

When we bow our heads

We ask for all that’s good

And love to warm our beds

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